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Julia Gillard takes up honorary role at Adelaide University Political News Date September 11, 2013 - 9:28AM (1) Read later Tweet Pin It submit to reddit Email article Print

watches Facing a Hobson's choice: Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Photo: Mal Fairclough

best swiss replica watches Julia Gillard has a new job as an honorary visiting professor at her alma mater, the University of Adelaide.

fake watches The former prime minister and the university said they were delighted with the appointment, which will begin on November 1.

swiss replica watches Vice-Chancellor and president Professor Warren Bebbington said Ms Gillard would make a significant contribution to the university's School of History and Politics.

high quality replica watches for men ''As Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard has unique knowledge and experience to offer any university and we are honoured that she has chosen to return to the University of Adelaide, where she began her tertiary education,'' he said in a statement on Wednesday.


top brand watches ''Through her contribution to seminars and our internship program, she will share her experiences and insights with both current and future students.''

Ms Gillard said she was ''absolutely delighted'' to be associated in such a meaningful way with the university, where she studied Law and Arts from 1979 to 1981.

''I have been warmly welcomed and look forward to becoming a part of the academic endeavours of the School of History and Politics,'' she said in the statement.

''I will also be co-locating my offices as a former prime minister at the university and working there regularly.''

The appointment is unpaid.

Professor Bebbington said Adelaide politics students had benefited from the contributions of an array of former political leaders, including Liberal foreign minister Alexander Downer, leader of the Democrats Natasha Stott Despoja and SA premier Professor John Bannon.

Ms Gillard is also set to end her public silence in an interview with journalist Anne Summers at public forums at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Town Hall in the next few weeks.

The 90-minute interviews will take place at the Opera House on September 30 and the Town Hall on October 1 and include 30 minutes of questions from the audience at each venue.

Dr Summers, who was an adviser to Paul Keating during his prime ministership, has been one of Ms Gillard's most outspoken defenders – before and after she was replaced by Kevin Rudd after serving three years and three days as prime minister.

AAP with Michael Gordon

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Julia Gillard takes up honorary role at Adelaide University
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