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BT Sport app suffers technical issues on day one By Joe Svetlik on 18 August 2013 , 3:00pm

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watches Yesterday was the first day of the footie season, and all over the country excited fans got ready to watch the opening game. Well if they were using the new BT Sport app to watch on their mobile device, they will have had a nasty surprise, as it suffered from technical issues, the BBC reports .

replica patek philippe nautilus BT said the issue only affected "a minority" of customers who tried to log in once the game had already started. The game in question was Liverpool v Stoke City. According to BT, the issue was resolved quickly, so most customers could catch the second half.

replica patek philippe calatrava The BT Sport app -- which is available on iOS and Android -- cut out, stopping some customers from watching the match. Others complained it would only work over Wi-Fi, not the 3G or 4G networks as advertised.

patek philippe watches Customers took to Twitter to complain. The BT Sport Twitter account replied : "Sorry, some customers have seen an intermittent issue with the BT Sport app. We are working to resolve this, apologies to everyone affected."

replica patek philippe aquanaut A BT spokesperson told the BBC: "Those customers who logged in before the game have experienced no issues but a minority of customers who tried to log in once the game had started may have seen an intermittent issue and an error message.

patek philippe watches "Our team responded quickly and were able to make a difference so most of the customers who were experiencing problems were able to enjoy the remainder of the second half."

BT only launched its sport service recently, offering free access for all on the first day. It signed up half a million customers in under a month , and recently reached 3 million, thanks to a deal with Virgin Media. It has the rights to 38 live Premiership games -- here's all the ones before Christmas , alongside those shown by Sky. Murdoch's broadcaster still has the majority of live games, showing 116 through the season.

Did you have any issues with the BT Sport app? How would you rate BT's response? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page .

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Late8 18 August, 2013 17:22

This is a non-story i thinks. An attempt to bash BT the the BBC and others because they can be ares to challenge Sky. It was a setting on the app that had something to do with mobile data and streaming. I cant remember now but mine worked after altering this. BT fixed it anyway within the hour.

anonymous 19 August, 2013 01:22

Yeah this is typical of the sort of pompous position Cnet frequently feels its entitled and privileged enough to put itself in for the sake of a little wrist slapping.

anonymous 19 August, 2013 16:21

This is very true what you both say about CNET trashing anything or anyone that challenges Sky. Ask them to look into something about Sky and sadly that's as far as it goes or you may get "yes we have asked them". Look how they reported the statement by MD Webber lol saying at last Android Tabs are coming, Yes they hope to support a beta by the end of Sept, an RC by the end of Nov and a fully fledged app with a proper UI sometime in the summer of 2014. that's a full 3 yrs after IOS got 1 and CNET thinks that's great phew

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BT Sport app suffers technical issues on day one | CNET UK
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