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Front Page U.S. News World Science Tech Media 420 All Video Pandagon Raw Meat Culture Clutch A Short Statement On Anti-Trans Bigots Swiping Pandagon.net By Amanda Marcotte
Monday, August 19, 2013 11:31 EDT Topics: Jesse Taylor ♦ Pandagon   Tweet Tweet

watches It’s been brought to my attention that the old URL for Pandagon, before it moved her to Raw Story, expired without my or Jesse Taylor’s knowledge, and has been purchased by a bunch of bigots who are using it as a platform to hate on transgender people. In case there’s any confusion—and I firmly believe that people of good faith know straightaway what Jesse and I have been targeted here and have nothing to do with this—let me state firmly, for the record: Jesse and I have nothing to do with this. I suspect what’s happened here is that a small group of obsessive anti-trans bigots—in order to “punish” me both for defending the rights of trans women to be called women and because I’ve pointed out before that transphobes claiming to be “radical feminists” are a marginal group of people who use social media and blogs to make themselves seem more relevant than they are—have hijacked the URL. That is the sort of sleazy behavior that you see with the small groups of obsessive haters that the internet is so good at cultivating, and practically an admission on the behalf of these anti-trans bigots that they have nothing better to do than harass people for disagreeing with them.

swiss watches My fault here is in letting pandagon.net lapse, for which I apologize. For some reason, I don’t recall getting a notification that it lapsed. But let’s be clear: The real Pandagon is housed here on Raw Story, and anyone else using that name is a sleazy, corrupt, piece of shit.

best replica watches To the people who took my old URL and are using it for your bigoted, hateful ends, I have only three words for you: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

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and to abide by our commenting policy .   About Pandagon is the go-to zone for eye-rolling at conservative nonsense, feminist rants, election-watching, and obsessing over low-rated but critically acclaimed television. Jesse Taylor and Amanda Marcotte may take politics very seriously, but egos not so much. New on Pandagon Things Really Are Getting Better Nothing Immoral About Signing People Up For Insurance, Whether You’re A Women’s Clinic Or A Lobster Fisherman A Short Statement On Anti-Trans Bigots Swiping Pandagon.net Breaking Bad Recap: S5E10, “Buried” Creationist Sez: Of Course There Were Dragons Featured Video ‘Zombie’ pigeons fall from the sky in Russia Read More Dan Rather: NSA ‘is demolishing the trust in the government’ Read More Creationists respond to Lawrence Krauss: Teach evolution in religion class Read More Rep. James Clyburn: Right-wing blogs are ‘foolishness,’ not news Read More Raw Exclusives Kremlin’s RT network boots journalist for on-air protest of anti-gay laws Read More Trans activists slam ‘hateful’ conservative video in which man ‘dresses up’ as ‘a transgender’ Read More blog advertising is good for you Search Raw Story Follow Us! Subscribe to our daily newsletter Email Address

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A Short Statement On Anti-Trans Bigots Swiping Pandagon.net | The Raw Story
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