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Time and Gems’ 4th of July Wholesale Event Deemed a Major Success Time and Gems: High numbers of online shoppers are taking advantage of Time and Gems’ ongoing wholesale event. Time and Gems the largest collection of luxury watches

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

watches Time and Gems have announced that their latest wholesale event held in conjunction with the 4th of July, has and continues to attract a high number of first time and return Rolex watch buyers.

cheap watches sale With the largest selection of pre-owned men’s and ladies’ Rolex watches on sale, it comes as no surprise that Time and Gems ’ ( http://www.timeandgems.com ) wholesale event welcomed large numbers of online shoppers.

Cheap Rolex Watches Besides offering buyers low prices on genuine Rolex watches, Time and Gems also offer a slew of other unbeatable services such as free shipping, a flexible return and exchange policy, excellent customer service and a comprehensive warranty on all purchases.

Fake Rolex Watches Another top reason why Time and Gems is so popular amongst shoppers looking for pre-used Rolex watches is because of the wide variety of collections up for grabs. Here are some of the top selling collections at the 4th of July wholesale event.

luxury watches online 1.    Rolex Datejust As the first wristwatch with a date function, the Rolex Datejust has stunned collectors the world over. As an officially certified, self-winding chronometer watch launched in 1945, the Rolex Datejust is available in steel and white, yellow and rose gold, appealing to shoppers with differing tastes and styles.

Cheap watches 2.    Rolex Day Date Similar to the Datejust collection, the Rolex Day Date collection boasts timepieces that contain self-winding chronometers. Launched in 1956, the Rolex watches from the Day Date collection were the first of its kind to display the day and date, hence its name. Offered exclusively in solid 18k yellow, white and rose gold, the Rolex Day Date is also available in platinum for buyers with discerning tastes. What many buyers do not know is that Rolex manufactures a special bracelet available only for the Day Date collection, known as the President bracelet. This is where the Rolex President derives its name from. However at the end of the day, when one hears the term Rolex President, it refers to a Rolex Day Date with a President bracelet. This combination is coveted by collectors and should buyers come across one, they are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity and purchase one.

3.    Rolex Daytona This iconic collection comprises of three series. The first was introduced in 1963 and featured a manual wind movement. The second series was launched in 1988 and boasted a modified automatic winding movement. The third series was introduced to the public in 2000 and are certified, self-winding chronometers with chronograph functions. Rolex was and continues to be a sponsor of the Rolex 24 at Daytona race, a popular automobile race, boosting its image as a reliable timekeeping brand.

Buyers are urged to take advantage of Time and Gems ’ ongoing 4th of July wholesale event. With a large collection of pre-used Rolex watches up for grabs, there is bound to be something for everyone. One of the watches on sale is the Ladies' Rolex Two-Tone Champagne Arabic Dial Channel Set Bezel Datejust (Item #590) Price: $5,145 Today Only: $4,500 (Bank Wire Price: $4,275) This leaves the buyer a total savings of $870

For more information on the wholesale event, along with details on the Rolex watches on sale, buyers are encouraged to contact Time and Gems at 1-888-658-5595 or to check out their website at http://www.timeandgems.com .

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Cheap Fake Swiss Rolex Replicas Sale

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Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Cheap Fake Swiss Rolex Replicas Sale

Time and Gems’ 4th of July Wholesale Event Deemed a Major Success
Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Cheap Fake Swiss Rolex Replicas Sale

Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Cheap Fake Swiss Rolex Replicas Sale

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