Appeal to Patrons
Dear Viewer,
       We are building this website as our tribute to the Great Visionary, Great Warrior, Great King & Real Patriot.
We want to enhance scope of this website in all aspects & hence we request all the viewers to contribute towards it in whichever possible manner. Our aim is to make this site a monument of Shivaji Maharaj on the internet created by general people & not by any individual or organization.
How can you contribute?

IF you are Historian/writer or Have any information / good articles / Photographs or any other informative material which you feel suitable for this site, then please send accross. ( If its hard copy we will return you. )

IF you are painter You can send accross your sketches or any other piece of art created by you, which is related to this subject.

IF you are Animator We are planning to animate some incidences of life of Shivaji maharaj. It would be great if you can help us in this regard.

IF you run a business You can put your advertisement banners on our website & provide us sponsership which will help us maintain & enhance this site. Also we are sure it will give you really good ROI.

IF you can donate If you are none of the above but would like to help us in terms of donation, please contact us. As you know all new creations need financial support, even smallest contribution from you will help us maintaining & enhancing the site.

None of the above Don't worry! register yourself as ShivBhakta or Fan of shivaji maharaj.. & most importantly, encourage at least 5 of your friends to visit our site & to register on it.

NOTE: we are not registered trust, hence we cannot offer you any tax benifits against your donations, still if you feel the cause is worth helping then please go ahead.